Shit Outta Luck

A thunderous gurgling emanated from my gut and woke me from Pattie’s bed. I had fallen asleep with my clothes on, and my shirt and pants reeked of cigarettes. I pulled myself up, clutched my throbbing head, and looked around to find myself alone in Pattie’s room. Patricia, my colleague who had let me crash… More Shit Outta Luck

12 Easy Steps to Becoming an U.S. Teaching Assistant

Graduate college with a sizable amount of debt.Preferably, you’ll have graduated with a degree that the Econ majors snicker at because, like, “What are you going to do with a degree in 18th Century English Literature?” Don’t worry, at least your grandfather believes in you – if you listen to his advice from the time he was a… More 12 Easy Steps to Becoming an U.S. Teaching Assistant

Cheeky Nandos

The commotion felt familiar, if not for the difference of six thousand miles and the topics at hand. Mr. Baumann, his wife Sara, their seven year-old daughter Denise, and I sat at a raucous table in the otherwise quiet traditional Austrian restaurant in Pinkafeld.   Mr. Baumann taught English for HTL Pinkafeld’s facility management department,… More Cheeky Nandos


My mother texted me Tuesday afternoon, right as I was tying up my shoelaces of my mud-spattered Nikes to go out and grab some lunch. I was going to a Cuban-American fusion restaurant located on Pinkafeld’s Main Street and situated between a Turkish pizzeria and an old-school pharmacy that displayed jars of candy by the… More Genki

Speech Bubbles

“I think the child should be punched in the face.” “Sebastian!” “I’m sorry. I think the child should be metaphorically punched in the face.”   “My name is Jan. I like football. I also like sleep. Yes, yes. I like sleep very much.” “That’s all you like to do, Jan?” “I also like football.”  … More Speech Bubbles


Halfway into our fourth round of beer, Christian asked me how my orientation in St. Pölten had gone. We were standing at a table in the basement of Pinkafeld’s town museum, where a two-man band played Cat Stevens and chugged glasses of white wine that were refilled zealously by the museum staff and audience. Next… More Museum

Gone Hiking

Brigitte, another English teacher at HTL Pinkafeld, invited me last Monday to go hiking with her and her class on Wednesday. The last time I had gone hiking was in Prague two summers ago, where a hilly trail on the western edge of the town had led me up through the woods, past a wild… More Gone Hiking