Mike Is

“Hey Moe—I mean, Hans, come look at this.”   “Oh come on.” My roommate Mike had made a mistake and called me by his boyfriend’s name instead of mine. “Did you really just call me ‘Moe’?”   “Get over it.”   I met Michael freshman year. He was my roommate, English House, room 304, the … More Mike Is


Covered in sweat, legs aching with shin splints, my buddy Tim and I made our way back from Penn Park after another evening of soccer.   “You know something?” Tim said as we limped and tottered.   “What?”   “I want to get better at playing soccer.”   I laughed, which slightly offended Tim. “What … More Peaking


It was Sunday night in Berlin, the hot, humid evening air casually toeing its way into my host family’s house through its windows. After our day trip to Potsdam, my host family and I were sitting around the dinner table, having finished our meal of Kartoffeln and Würste— potatoes and sausages. A laughably stereotypical German … More Transience

N.Y. Gyros

Five Dollars of Happiness   On the corner of 38th and Walnut next to the Tau Epsilon Phi fraternity house is a small, silver, banged-up food cart with a sign reading “N.Y. Gyros”. Philadelphia and particularly the area surrounding the University of Pennsylvania campus is home to a myriad of food trucks, and “N.Y. Gyros” … More N.Y. Gyros