To Whom It May Concern:

Before I started this blog, I posted a status on Facebook asking people if they’d be interested in receiving e-mails from me during my time abroad in Berlin. It was the summer of 2013. “Blurred Lines” blared from any given speakers every ten minutes and Macklemore could’ve slept with anyone except the betrayed hipsters.


Worried relatives asked me to take pictures of everything. Sarcastic best friends claimed they’d figure out a way to expatriate me. My mom instructed me to follow rules from the time when she lived in Germany.


“Wait, Mom, wasn’t the Berlin Wall still up during that time?”


“Yah, so-dayo. What about it?” Undeterred, she had proceeded to give me her advice from the 80’s.


I sent out five or six e-mails during the course of those ten weeks in Berlin and my detour in Prague. I wrote what I saw and what I felt. I talked about my uncle’s suicide and currywurst. One was typed up in a frenzy on top of a yellow, stale dorm bed, the other in a park with empty trash cans and rusty water fountains.


“Why don’t you publish this stuff?” Suggested my dad. I replied that my previous attempts at blogging never took off. Those blogs, I assured him, were disasters.


“But I like these letters from abroad,” my friend Kathy responded to me via e-mail, “and I’d want to read your blog.” But, I parried, what good would be in it for me after Europe was over? Things would get stale, I promised her, and I would look like another dumbass with a blog no one read.


“I mean, even if you didn’t start a blog, you’d still look like a dumbass regardless, no?” I conceded to Tim that he had a point. “So why not try it out and see how it goes?”


It’s been almost a year since I created a silly URL named “” I got into writing about Penn, about the people who came and who went, but rarely stayed. I wrote a lot of nonsense, and I wrote stuff for which my creative writing professor tore me a new one. I wrote sentences I backspaced into oblivion and unfinished essays that sit and rot in a lost folder.


For that, thank you. Here’s to another year.


6 thoughts on “To Whom It May Concern:

  1. I would like to take a few minutes to thank YOU, instead! Keep writing because you’re brilliant at it! Keep writing for those who know you and for those who don’t. Keep writing because every time I see a new post, I think: ‘FINALLY’
    Good luck Hans,
    Your biggest fan

  2. I think personal blogs go further than any technology blog, and most people love organic conversation. I read your blog, and yes parents will always give you advice even if they have forgotten times have changed ( Berlin wall comment ) I guess write how you feel or what you feel and you can’t get much better blogging Information for your followers

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