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Speech Bubbles

“I think the child should be punched in the face.” “Sebastian!” “I’m sorry. I think the child should be metaphorically punched in the face.”   “My name is Jan. I like football. I also like sleep. Yes, yes. I like sleep very much.” “That’s all you like to do, Jan?” “I also like football.”   … More Speech Bubbles


Halfway into our fourth round of beer, Christian asked me how my orientation in St. Pölten had gone. We were standing at a table in the basement of Pinkafeld’s town museum, where a two-man band played Cat Stevens and chugged glasses of white wine that were refilled zealously by the museum staff and audience. Next … More Museum

Gone Hiking

Brigitte, another English teacher at HTL Pinkafeld, invited me last Monday to go hiking with her and her class on Wednesday. The last time I had gone hiking was in Prague two summers ago, where a hilly trail on the western edge of the town had led me up through the woods, past a wild … More Gone Hiking