Speech Bubbles, Pt. II

“So what are some of the advantages of television?” “It’s usually free. Well, except some channels… like Sky, of course.”   “And group two, what’s your business model to help turn around our floundering pet food company?” “As we all know, Hans, 90% of the Internet is made up of porn…”   “Did everyone have … More Speech Bubbles, Pt. II


  Considering that this was the last Monday before Christmas break, I had thought to myself, the day had been a rather ordinary one. Snow fell in spurts and drifted through the town, and my lesson on stereotypes had begun with me asking if anyone in the class knew of stereotypes and had ended with … More Eggnog

“Dear Hans,”

I woke up Wednesday morning with a cold and texted my teachers at the HLW that I wouldn’t be able to make it to their classes. I found this note taped outside of my dormitory today. I felt better already.